Małgorzata Bańkowska

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72 Mother 5, 2013 Małgorzata Bańkowska

Tilte: 72 mother 5
Year of creation: 2013
Technique: acrylic on canvas
Size: 70 x 70 cm


Instantly, this image caught my attention...and held it.
I was captivated by the rabbit in the center and stormy background,
but it was the emotion and expressions of the smaller rabbits that made me decide to write this.
The little rabbits are clearly sad and the big rabbit is sleep deprived.
This, with the shield-thing on the rabbit's belly made me wonder about what was happening.
An apocalypse, perhaps?
The overall painting is one I've never seen before; it's almost Burton-esque,
but even that can't quite describe the style. The background adds to the emotion without being distracting.
The numbers on the bellies of the little rabbits make me wonder if there had been more and something happened to them.
Death, sorrow, agony, insomnia, are all very good words to describe the theme.
72mother5 is a very intriguing, emotional painting.