MIDDLE:      N/A


DOB:         16/03/1976


ARR DATE:    25/12/2006


SEX:         FEMALE


RACE:        WHITE


HEIGHT:      180


The info from before year 2006 show MILANÓWEK as the place of birth. She's painted a lot since the youngest years. Nothing more found about the suspect, up to December 2006. We can say, that her past has been hidden in a large, wooden closet.


In 2006 she was reborn under a new name. It's also a new draw in her creativity. The technique and style worked out in the previous years and large changes in life have contributed to new series of paintings, graphiques and drawings being made. Her works are a specific mix of biomechanics, fetish, incompleteness and defects. She is not afraid of moving historically or morally fragile subjects. At the same time, it's very hard to categorize her works or sign into a defined trend.


Małgorzata Bańkowska's work is not only painting and graphique. It's also carving and sculpture, wall paintings and indoor decour.


Her works can be found in many private collections in Asia, Scandinavia, Poland and Germany. The largest private collection are located in China.


The business lead with her husband deserves special attiention. The MILADELIC project is something unparalleled on the clothing market - it's 100% hand painted decorations made using painting techniques. From the project phase to execution - everything is made in a painting workshop, without the use of computers or duplication techniques. MILADELIC's clothes are worn by DJ's, artists and other people that vaule original clothing. MILADELIC is also creating outfits for photo shoots, shows or tv programs.